Speak To Me (EP) is the first released disc under the name

"Imagine Dragons." The name "Speak To Me EP" was given to it by the community; it is actually just an untitled collection of released demos.[1] The members of the band then were completely different from today (other than Dan Reynolds), as was the style of music. This EP was released around 2008, and was sold by the band members themselves. Today, Dan Reynolds does not consider this EP part of the band's discography.

The band that played this is considered completely different from the current Imagine Dragons.


The members of the original Imagine Dragons were as follows:

Dan Reynolds (Lead singer, only current member from this time)

Aurora Florence (Violin/Piano, some vocals in various songs)

Andrew Beck (Lead guitar)

Dave Lemke (Bass Guitar)

Andrew Tolman (Drums)

Track ListingEdit

There were five songs featured on this EP.

Pistol Whip - 3:43

Living Musical - 4:46

The Pit - 3:47.

Speak To Me - 3:26.

Boots - 3:33.