The third (and final major EP) of the band Imagine Dragons.


It's Time-This four minute song is also in Night Visions, and was one of the first singles released by the band. This song was played on radios, and quickly earned them a place for listeners everywhere.

Amsterdam-This song, which plays for a second longer than the last one, was also on the Night Visions EP. Though not as popular as, say, It's Time, Radioactive, Demons, and On Top of the World, Amsterdam was a close fifth and a song that spoke to many fans.

Tokyo-Tokyo, sadly, didn't make it on any versions of Night Visions (to my knowledge). This song is satire on modern music, claiming that you have to travel to Tokyo to find a "honey with a little soul". For 3:17 you can follow the adventure from this day and age to Tokyo, the Japanese city, and you'll learn that "It's nice to meet you, Kimi Tonishimu".

The River-The River is a ballad-esque song that was put on Night Visions later. This song lasts for 3:24, and features a chorus of "I cleanse in the river...for somebody else...for anyone, but myself".

Leave Me-Leave me is a fun song about a relationship where the narrator just wants it to end. For 3:31, you hear about someone yelling "Leave me, leave me, Ima shut it all down!" and the fact that someone has a tendency to "bring a man down".

Pantomime-Pantomime is a slower song, with surprise vocals singing "Hey, you got all the money honey, your eyes are looking runny and red. Hey, you think all your friends are funny but all your friends are way overfed." For 5:02 seconds you'll be stuck deciding whether this song is happy or sad--or is it neither?

Look How Far We've Come-This reminiscing type song is very fun. "Time to take it over, look how far we've come!" is the catchy beginning line of the chorus, and you can expect it all throughout the 4:08 time period.

America-The third place-based name on this EP (and the final song), America was later placed on Night Visions. "Rise to the top of the world, America, America don't you cry" is unforgettable, and is song through the chorus in this 4:33 song.

3rd EP

The cover of this EP

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