It's Time is the third EP of the band Imagine Dragons.


It's Time: This four minute song is also in Night Visions, and was one of the first singles released by the band. This song was played on radios, and quickly earned them a place for listeners everywhere.

Amsterdam: This song, which plays for a second longer than the last one, was also on the Night Visions EP, and was a song that spoke to many fans.

Tokyo: Tokyo, unlike some songs on this EP, didn't make it on any versions of Night Visions. This song lasts 3:17.

The River: The River is a ballad-esque song that was put on Night Visions later. This song lasts for 3:24.

Leave Me: Leave me is a another song that was not featured on Night Visions. This song is 3:31 long.

Pantomime: Pantomime is a slower song on this EP and lasts for 5:02 seconds.

Look How Far We've Come: the 4:08 time period.

America: The final song on this EP, America was later placed on Night Visions. This song lasts for 4:33.

3rd EP

The cover of this EP

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