The Imagine Dragons EP is the first EP released by the band that they consider part of their discography.


I Need a Minute-I Need a Minute is a fast paced song, which claims tales of a crippled man welcoming people, and having to keep your head on straight. This song is 3:28 of pure musical genius.

Uptight-Uptight is a bit of a slower tempo than I Need a Minute, but still offers enjoyment. In the song, it claims "I get so uptight...I get so uptight." In an unforgettable change, an interesting beat is introduced as the band sings "Sit tight, green light, everybody's out at night." This song lasts for 3:44.

Cover Up-Cover Up is one of those songs that's beautiful, but you can still dance to. This song features vocals that sing "
1st EP

The cover of this EP

Cover up, rain down, we wept on the edge of this town" and "Did you think we'd die/cry?" For 4:19 you'll be hung up on this song.

Curse-Curse is a catchy and rather sad song. There are many speculations on what it could mean, so it's interesting to see what the fans draw out of lines such as "She barely knew your name", and "Break, this, curse, hahahaha!" This song plays for 3:46.

Drive-Drive is a calm ending to the EP, in which you hear the lyrics "I got my head on aright," to end the thought of needing a minute to get your head straight from the first song. This peaceful song plays for 4:32.

Fun factEdit

If you stare at the cover of the EP, blur your eyes, and slowly focus again a 3-D dragon head appears. Some people see it, and some claim that they're imagining dragons. Either way, it's a cool hidden thing by the band members.

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