The second EP of the Las Vegas based band Imagine Dragons.


All Eyes-All Eyes is a 2:59 second song that starts off with fast paced singing, and features a strong chorus that speaks of all eyes being on you.

I Don't Mind-This 3:18 song is calm, cool, and collecting. "It's all that we got, it's all that we can give and I don't mind" is song with the beautiful voice that we all know.

Hear Me-Hear Me is a 3:55 song that is later on the Night Visions album.

Selene-This version of Selene is 4:01, and is slightly different from the version found on the Night Visions Deluxe version. It has an extra chorus near the end, and the background music is changed a bit in the second chorus.

Emma-In this 3:32 piece, the first thing you hear is "Emma stood in front of me, telling me what I'm supposed to be," but later in the song Dan says that he's 'for' Emma. In the bridge, you hear the name of this EP sung, followed by a soothing "I can fight it, I can fight it" which continues for a few times.

2nd EP

The cover of this EP

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